Make Your cat feel like a kitten again

"Our Cat has so much more energy."

Smarter Cat Food. Veterinarian Approved. Delivered Fresh to Your Door, Every Two Weeks

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You shouldn't be the only one eating healthy

Be the superhero your cat deserves

Like you, we love our cats and care about their health. That's why we created supercats - a service that delivers balanced, freshly made cat food with simple recipes, guided by science and driven by love

Rethinking Your Cat's Food

Quality you can't find in a store. We ship direct to you, guaranteeing better ingredients and fresher meals.


Cats eat directly from the pods. No more dirtying a spoon and serving bowl


Only nutrients your cat needs. Natural ingredients, high protein and low ash


Made fresh when you order. No artificial preservatives or additives


If your cats don't love their first box, we'll refund your order*

The Fresher Way to Feed Your Cat

Human Grade Food

Vet formulated, human-grade food with less processing, higher safety standards and ingredients you can understand.

Naturally Wild

Cats are obligate carnivores - in the wild they eat mostly meat from small prey. Our recipes use ingredients to mimic their natural, primal environment.

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Perfect Portions

Meals are pre-made and pre-portioned to your cat's calorie needs. Packaging is so simple, your children can start feeding the family cat.

Cat Food Reinvented

"It's like a Keurig for cats and it's good for the environment!"

Ready in Seconds

Unwrap the meal pod and snap it into the supercats bowl.

Purfect Feeding

Say goodbye to the "cat spoon." Your cat eats a fully balanced meal directly from the meal pod, saving you time and eliminating waste.

Sustainable for Our Future

Cleanup is a snap. Just turn the bowl over your recycling container and gently pop out the empty meal pod. Recycle wherever #5 is accepted.

Better for Them. Easier for You.

Say goodbye to preservatives and filler. Our vet-developed plans guide your cat the best diet, while perfectly-portioned meals save you time, mess and are better for the environment.

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Backed By Real Vets

Super powered by real food

Eastern Animal Hospital of Baltimore

College of Veterinary Medicine - University of Georgia

Loved By Super Cat Parents

"The supercats food is now his favorite, he refuses to eat any store bought cans."

"Bob's fur is softer and fluffier than ever. We're customers for life, thanks supercats!"

"My kitties love supercats, they look forward to meal time like never before!"

"Sasha is such a picky eater, she ate supercats without hesitation. I can't believe it."