Frequently Asked Questions

Your Subscription & Account

When does my order ship?
All meals are made fresh and shipped out Monday morning before 1pm EST. If you order before Thursday at 8pm EST your meal will ship out before the upcoming Monday.
How much does this cost?
Our plans start at $1.19 per meal (large can equivalent) including free shipping. Each cat is different and your subscription term and number of cats determine the final cost of each meal.
How can I cancel?
Write into support or log into the portal here and cancel at your own convenience.
How do I reset my password?
You can use the forgot password link on this page here.

Your Food

What are the quality of the ingredients?
Our food has been formulated to contain every nutrient your cat needs as specified in the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles. The food is manufactured in a human grade commercial kitchen.
Where is your food made?
In a human grade commercial kitchen in Baltimore, MD.
Do I need to consult my vet to start feeding supercats?
Please do! They will take comfort in the fact that we work alongside board certified veterinary nutritionists, and while many vets fight over different food trends, just about every vet agrees that fresh, nutritionally-balanced food is great for cats. Our recipes are formulated to fully replace a standard diet, but many cats with a range of health issues are also doing great on our meals.
Do I need to refrigerate the meals?
Yes, the cat food contains natural preservatives to prolong it's shelf life but the ingredients are all fresh and will spoil. You should freeze all but two days worth of food and rotate frozen food pods into your refrigerator as needed.
How do you know much food I should feed my cat?
Working closely with vets, we provide an amount based on your cats ideal weight, age, and activity level. As some of these statistics are subjective and can vary per cat, we recommend you keep a close eye on their weight and supplement with other foods or contact us to reduce their amount.

Packaging and Shipping

How do shipments work? Where do you ship?
We ship nationwide in the contiguous 48 states. With all plans, you receive 28 meals prepared fresh and lightly frozen to ensure they arrive unspoiled. Each food pod is designed to contain half of your cats daily caloric needs.
How environmentally friendly are your shipments?
We strive to make the world a bit greener. The box and insulation material are fully recyclable. The gel packs are reusable and also recyclable if you dispose of the gel. Our food pods are designed to be fully recyclable as well.

The Bowl & Sustainability

What do you mean by "no more cat spoon"
Typically feeding your cat a meal from a can involves you using a spoon, a separate bowl and refrigerating the left overs. With our perfectly portioned meal pods, your cat eats directly from the pod, eliminating the need to dirty a spoon and separate bowl. This reduces water used to clean each item and saves you time with convenience.
How does the bowl work?
You receive a supercats bowl, for free with your first order. Each food pod snaps into the bowl, providing a secure eating platform for your cat. Once your cat has finished the food, simply hold the bowl over your recycling bin and gently push on the back of the pod, it's fully recyclable where #5 plastics are accepted.