Our Story

After losing two cats, Izzi (aged 5) and Scruff (aged 8) to heart disease and cancer, I took a closer look into the foods I was feeding them. Upon further inspection, I was horrified! Ingredients included corn syrup, caramel and glucose. Awful! 

Izzi (2013-18)

Scruff (2010-18)

I decided it was time for a change. There are plenty of dog focused "health" food companies but none focused on my type of fur babies. Teaming with Dr. Joseph Bartges from The University of Georgia and local Baltimore veterinarians, we created the purrfect recipe.

After months of testing, we formulated a balanced diet; rich in proteins and essential minerals similar to what cats would find in the wild. Every ingredient is human grade and is produced fresh in Baltimore.

I'm happy to have created a healthy diet for my newly adopted cat and chief product tester, George. But, I love hearing from cat parents who tell us how much our food has made an improvement in their cats lives. Our goal is to make the world a bit happier by extending and improving the lives of everyone's fur babies.

- Brian and George